Applications of LLMs in Economic Research

This section demonstrates use cases of cutting-edge LLMs in economic research, classified along six domains: ideation and feedback, writing, background research, coding, data analysis, and mathematical derivations. For each domain, I provide a general description and a few specific use cases for how to take advantage of LLM capabilities. I illustrate both the capabilities and failures of the LLMs at the time of writing to provide a balanced version of the usefulness of LLMs.

The structure of this website is hierarchacal with a sepearte page for each section. Explore all of them below and be sure to reference the "Getting Started" page in order to try out prompts in all of these domains for yourself

AI Generated image of Person working at desktop in office with ChatGPT shown on the computer

From: Generative AI for Economic Research: Use Cases and Implications for Economists
by Anton Korinek, Journal of Economic Literature, Vol. 61, No. 4, December 2023.
Copyright (c) by American Economic Association. Reproduced with permission.